Imbasjaya Sdn Bhd

About Imbasjaya

Imbasjaya Sdn Bhd is a food supplier/wholesaler, food importer/exporter based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The Imbasjaya story

Founded in the year 1985 by Mr Khor Kowi Kim in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 
Imbasjaya Sdn Bhd’s main businesses activities are food products repackaging,
distribution, retailing /wholesaling, and import/export of food products.
Our products ranges from fresh produces to spices, food ingedients, canned food, dried food and many more.

Imbasjaya Sdn Bhd is the largest importer/exporter of onions, garlics, carrots, and other fresh produces in Sabah. 
We supply to local businesses and hotels around Malaysia, as well as to businesses and hotels overseas.

Retail Space

In the year 2015, we opened our first ever Supermarket located just opposite our warehouse, named Foodtown, at Foodtown, 
you can find the freshest produces and products at wholesale price, why pay more?

Wholesale & Distribution

Our office & warehouse is strategically located in Kolombong. With over 30,000sqft of space, our warehouse houses
the freshest and finest fresh produces in Sabah.